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Upon returning from a mining expedition in space, Kazuya Ryuuzaki and Kyoshiro Yuzuki find that Earth is under attack by alien invaders! Professor Shin'ichiro Izumi quickly sends Kazuya to pilot a massive robot that the boy’s father had built for just such an emergency, the mighty Daimos! After the battle, Kazuya finds a mysterious woman who has lost her memory – but little does he know that this woman is really the sister of the enemy leader Richter, and little does Richter know that his sister will soon fall in love with his sworn enemy. Determined to win, Richter repeatedly sends his robotic champions against Earth, but Kazuya always manages to fend them off with the help of his karate skills, the mighty Daimos, and sometimes with help from his friends. The invaders want Earth for themselves, Kazuya wants to be with the woman he loves, and Erika is torn between her brother and her lover; only time will tell who will be victorious.

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